Handy Hint

Do you find it hard to buy track pants that are long enough for your toddlers, but that are tight enough around the waist that they won’t fall down? Or do you really not like those fake little waist ties that are on so many trackies these days?
Well here is today’s handy hint: and I got this idea from the straps part of Dana’s Hobo Sack tutorial.
I have a very skinny little boy who has long legs, and his track pants are always falling down. So this morning I took a pair of his trackies, cut off the little fake ribbon that is attached to the front of the trackies, and then proceeded to find an old t-shirt. Now I rarely throw out any clothes that belonged to me or my husband because I like to use the materials for other projects. Thanks to my thriftiness I managed to find a nice old t-shirt of my husbands and I cut out a strip about 10cm wide (and long enough to go around my son’s waist with room to spare) from the t-shirt, then stretched it so that it curls up (interlock fabric won’t fray so there is no need to sew at all, and it will curl up into a tube when stretched). Then I tied a knot in one end, hooked the other end onto a safety pin and threaded it through the waist band of the trackies where the elastic is… pulled it through, took the safety pin out and tied a knot in that end… wham bam! I now have a pair of trackies that I can tighten at the waist and are guaranteed to not fall down! So very cute!

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