Rainy Days and Mondays…

Well, you all know how the song goes… but as much as I love ‘The Carpenters’ I have to say that Rain and Mondays are two of my most favourite things.

On Mondays, Lil goes back to school after what is usually a very jam packed, action filled (and talkative) weekend, and I get to have a walk, a rest and a recuperate… I get to do all those little jobs that have been annoying me at the back of my mind the whole weekend (like my upcoming market applications)… it is peaceful and calming! and okay, I’ll admit, I am a pretty huge fan of rain. First of all, rain is normally accompanied by cool weather, so that is definitely a bonus for me (and my anti-heat temperament) but it is just so refreshing and life giving! There is nothing like rain!

I also just love the blossom that comes out around my area in late winter. When I was on my walk this morning I saw this street just around the corner from me. Isn’t it spectacular!

And now it is on with the rest of the week…

I hope you have a lovely week filled with beautiful rain, cups of tea, a warm scarf and a knitted beanie… Speaking of beanies… you might want to go back and have a look at yesterdays post. I am going to add in a photo of beanie I crocheted for Lil. She really is just the cutest thing!


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