Father’s Day: iPad Cover

Well today is the first day of our Father’s Day series and we are going through tutorial on how to make a iPad Cover out of an old business shirt and some other materials! It looks so cute finished and even utilises the pocket on the shirt!

What you will need
  • An old newspaper
  • An old business shirt (op shopped or one that is just laying around)
  • Some plain material (I just used material from an old pillow case)
  • Wadding or Batting of some description
  • pins, thread, sewing machine, overlocker
What to do:
First of all, take the iPad and lay it on an old sheet of newspaper, with a thick marker, draw around the outside of the iPad leaving about 2cms gap all the way around. Mark out a square at each bottom corner of the iPad and then cut around the mark.
Next take the shirt and lay it flat. Put the pattern piece that you cut from newspaper over the shirt about where you want it. Make sure that the lines on the shirt are straight on the pattern and that you have covered the parts of the shirt you want to use (I made sure that my shirt front had both the pocket and the buttons down the front). Draw around the pattern and then cut it out (making sure you are cutting both the front and the back together so that you have TWO pattern pieces).
The next part is optional (and it does make it trickier but looks kinda cute!) Cut around the collar of the shirt and lay it where you would like it to go when the item is completed. Mark out the lines of the collar to match the line of the pattern piece and cut on those lines.
Now take your inner fabric and your wadding and cut two of each of the same pattern piece.
Now with the front of the shirt piece you need to sew down the button panel to make sure it is secure. Just use a straight stitch and try to follow the sew line that should already be there.
Then you need to attach the collar. To do this remove any buttons that may get in the way of placing the collar (be careful not to snip the shirt). Open up the collar and pin and then sew down the edge of the collar and also as close to the fold of the collar as you can.


Now on each shirt piece, you will need to square off the corners by folding the little square notch that is cut in each bottom corner (this is what will give your bag width). To do this fold (with right sides together) so the two short edges are together and overlock (or sew) along this edge.
When you have done this on both bottom corners of each shirt piece, we have to sew these together. So with right sides together, sit the notches into each other so that the front and back shirt piece sit snuggly together. Pin and overlock (or sew around the edge).
Then you need to repeat the process with the wadding and the lining. I try to think of these as one piece (so each lining piece is backed with a piece of wadding) and do these steps together. So, grab a lining piece and put the wadding to the back of it. Fold the corner notch over so that you can overlock it all together (the lining piece should be on the inside of the fold) and when sewn should look like the middle photo below. Then when you have done that on all corners sandwich the front and the back together (with lining together) and pin and overlock around the edge.


You should now have what looks like two covers, one that is the shirt cover and one that is the lining (with wadding). Turn the shirt so that the right side (or the side that shows the shirt front) is facing out, and turn the lining so that the wadding is on the outside. Slip the shirt inside the lining (what you should be seeing is EVERYTHING in reverse from how you want it to finish up).
Pin it around the top making sure you mark a section for turning. For stuff like this I mark where my hole is going to be with upright pins and the rest I pin parallel to the hem. Overlock around the edge leaving a hole where you are going to turn (as per the middle photo below).


Then turn everything inside out. Pin the hole that is left and also around the top for you to oversew around the top. Stitch with about a size 2 straight stitch and do it as close to the hem as possible. Don’t sew over the collar as it will be too hard for you to sew through the overlock hem and the collar interfacing, so instead just do a quick hand stitch at the point of the collar to hold it down.


And there you have it! One iPad cover for Father’s Day… Now that Daddy Party wasn’t too hard was it???

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