Monday! I’ve got last week on my mind!

Last week we had very little blogging and quite a lot of living going on! I was busy finishing off the cloth pad co-op for Julilah, Lil had two birthday parties, JD had his birthday, hubby was finishing off a stack of assignments, JD got tonsilitis (again) and it was the Royal Adelaide Show! A very busy, happy and somewhat frustrating week!
So here is my week in photos (yes! this blog is photo heavy).
It started off with a late afternoon/night time visit to the show!
That little boy in the photo isn’t ours…
but his parents were a bit miffed that he smiled for our photo and not for theirs!
I love the show; the colours, the smells and the laugher! I have been every year of my life apart from two and I have as much fun now as I did when I was a kid.
Lil was right down with going on all the rides. We let her have a few and then promised her that when we came back, we would let her do all the rides she wanted. Then we went and had some dinner and watched the cattle judging. I have to admit it is a bit weird to hear people speaking into a microphone about rump, girth and testicle size, but it is educational none the less.
Add caption


Lilli enjoyed the cattle judging, primarily because it was where she could swing on the bars.


The very best photo I could get of JD and myself while I carried him in the Ergo.


The next day was JD’s 2nd birthday! He is a bit of a Wiggles fan, so his cake (which was rushed and a little sloppy) was a Big Red Car!


JD’s party wound up at about midday and then Lil had another party to go to that was due to start at 3:30pm, so it was time to whip up Mr Jeremiah’s birthday present! Please click on that link, by the way. Little Jeremiah has a serious illness and his story is heart wrenching and at the same time encouraging!
Lil before the party with the present, and a card that she made (and wrapped??)
The present I made was a bag that held matchbox cars on the outside and when you opened it up it was a road map. It had a layer of batting on the inside to add a bit of stability and shape. Hopefully it is good for Jeremiah to take it into hospital.
Anyway, Mr. J’s party was a gym party! They had a heap of equipment there and Lil went mad for the trampolines apparently (I didn’t take her to the party, hub did, I needed to put my feet up!)
 She jumped, and she jumped, and she jumped…
and then she found another thing where she jumped


with the birthday boy!
The next day it was a rest day, and then it was BACK TO THE SHOW!!! Lil was especially excited because she got a day off school and it was time for her to go on the rides! We were blessed with a really lovely but not overly warm day, so we could afford to pretend  it was summer just for a little while.


Can you tell there is a theme emerging with Lil’s favourite activities?


getting ready to jump…
and jump…


and jump!!!!


Then it was time for the water bubble ride…
Do you think JD was getting a bit bored watching Lil’s rides?


All in all, we enjoyed everything the show had to offer! Rides. Fairy Floss. Chilling in the stands. Soaking up the Show for another year!


 Excuse the dirty fingernails. It is the show after-all.



We went a few more times, but not as many as we would have liked! JD got sick and I had mega sewing/snapping to do! Lil got a night time ride on the ferris wheel and to see the fireworks… it was a good week!
What has been going on in your neck of the woods?

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