Crafty Kitchen and Annoying Nails! (or Why I Don’t Like Clocks!)

Today I am going to show you how I made my

On Saturday, I was standing in my nice but not quite nice enough kitchen, and I looked up and rediscovered this really annoying ‘thing’ in my kitchen wall… It was a nail… You know the sort? A nail that probably, the previous owners had put in the kitchen to hang up a kitchen-clock?

Why on earth anyone in this world needs ANOTHER clock in their life (particularly in the kitchen) I have no idea. EVERYTHING you buy these days comes with a clock; your microwave, radio, oven, computer, phone, TV – you name it, it comes with a clock… In fact I may or may not have been known to beg my husband to go to a local electronics shop and buy me a little cheap portable radio for the kitchen and then upon his return, swiftly send him back again after he came home with a radio that had a massive bright blue clock on the front with the words “I really don’t need ANOTHER reminder of how little time I have left in the day to do my chores, cuddle my kids, do some Julilah, let alone have a shower and go to the toilet!”. I may be alone, you may think this is a bit odd, but lots of clocks stress me out! I know, I know, First World Problem….

Anyway, back to the nail in the wall… With a little bit of creativity, a bit of a pinterest search, a shock discovery on the iPad, a teeny bit of stress and a lot of satisfaction, I ended up making a lovely kitchen sign and hung it on that blessed nail!

Here’s how to do it:

First of all a disclaimer: I found this activity on my iPad. I have no idea how it got there, but it appears to be a PDF tutorial that I downloaded onto my iBooks at what must have been a half-asleep tutorial search. I have no recollection how it got there, and definitely no idea where it came from and I can’t see any notes on the PDF… so if this is ACTUALLY your tute, forgive me, leave a comment and I will give you all due kudos 🙂

Gather yourself some of those old felt pipe cleaners. They can have been used before or brand new, makes no never mind.

Start winding two pipe cleaners together. I learnt the hard way that it is far more effective to start with one and wind the second one onto it starting about halfway down, so the two pipe cleaners when wound together don’t begin and end in the same spot. Make sense? no I didn’t think so either – but for those of you that did understand – it works better! Maybe a picture will help….
Then once you have one big wound up pipe cleaner, start shaping it into the word you want, pinching and twisting where you need. Until you have something like this:
It is quite a long task, and it helps if you have a 6 year old in her bad blue eye shadow, playing with the pipe cleaners and making you laugh.
Once that is all done and you are happy, then grab a heap of old fabric scraps in the colours you want, and rip or cut strips about 1.5-2cms wide.
Now you are going to need your glue gun… failing this craft glue or Aquadhere will do (Elmer’s if you are in America or Gloopy-Glue if you are into Mister Maker). And I am going to go slightly Martha on you and say “Don’t forget to have a little bowl of iced water next to where you are working so that if you burn yourself on the glue from the glue gun you can dip your finger straight away”.


Take a strip of fabric and lay it face down and put the beginning of your word on top leaving a bit of over-hang. Place a small bit of glue on the pipe cleaner and wrap the fabric over. Keep wrapping around and around until you get to the end (or a place where you want to end – for me it was every time my kids started screaming or fighting over the swing, it was time to change the fabric). At the end, leave a little tab of fabric, put some glue on the pipe cleaner and seal it.
Keep going until the whole thing is wrapped in fabric. Until you have something that resembles this:
Sorry that’s a blurry one!
Next get yourself some of those little wall hanging picture velcro thingas, and cut them into little tiny rectangles. I squish two together, and cut them into 4 small strips, take the backing off of one side and stick them to the back of my scrap fabric sign (preferably where there are big joins  – for me the loop of the K, the bottom of the loop on the T, the middle of the H and the top of the N). Then take the other backing off, climb up the ladder (FAR preferable than my option of climbing on J’s footstool, onto the bar stool, onto the kitchen bench and then standing up hoping and praying that I wouldn’t fall – let alone worrying that I could actually reach the nail) and go and hang the sign on that annoying nail, and stick the sign to the wall at the four points making sure it sits straight (my husband suggested getting out his leveller iPhone app). AND AFTER ALL THAT what you are left with is an extremely gorgeous little room sign.


And it goes beautifully with this vase of flowers that I picked whilst on my walk yesterday…

Ahhhh Perfecto!!…

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