Savoury Muffins

Amongst the other recipes that were asked for last week on facebook, we had a request for ideas for warm winter snack or light meal foods, in particular muffins or slices. I gotta say, I am a massive fan of this sort of food. I would rather sit down to some warm light meals than a big hearty steak and chips type meal. I have quite a few ideas, so let’s start of with the ever sturdy basic recipes.

Basic Savoury Muffins:
Makes approximately 12 muffins depending on fillings.
Mix Together:    1 Cup of SR Flour
1 Cup of Atta Flour
Some Rice Bran Oil (I would say about 2 Tbsp)
1 Egg
1 Cup of Milk
Mix in Fillings. Spoon mixture into a lightly greased muffin tray (or muffin cases) and bake in the oven at about 180oC/160oC for anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes (again dependent on fillings used).

Basic Fritter Recipe:
Makes approximately 12 fritters depending on fillings.
Mix Together:    1/3 Cup of SR Flour
1/3 Cup of Atta Flour
2 Eggs
1/2 Cup of Milk
Mix in Fillings. Heat a little bit of oil in a frying pan on mdeium heat. Put scoops of batter in the frying pan and cook them for about 3 minutes on each side or until nice and golden and crispy.

**If you want to know more about Atta Flour click here. I generally use Atta as a full flour replacement or a half, depending on the recipe. In general when I cook with Atta flour I find the recipes are a lot more filling than if made with normal flour. It is fantastic.


Fritter or Muffin Fillings:

Fry 1/2 a red onion (diced) and one clove of garlic in a little bit of oil. Put in the pan a couple of spoons of brown sugar and a little bit of balsamic or red wine vinegar. Mix together and fry off until it is a bit syrup looking. Add in other pizza toppings (tomato paste/chutney, diced salami, olives, mushrooms and herbs). Grate a stack of cheese into the basic mixtures and then stir through the cooled pizza filling.

Curried Vegetables
Grate/finely chop any vegies you have (zucchini, carrot, potato, sweet potato, red capsicum). Squeeze out any of the wetter vegetables (like the carrot and potato) then mix all the veg together with a few teaspoons of curry powder and then mix into the basic mixtures.

Sundried Tomato and Feta
Cook some caramelised onions using 1 or 2 onions (finely diced), a tablespoon of brown sugar and a little bit of balsamic vinegar. Remove from the heat when it is all sticky. Mix together 100g of feta, a couple of handfuls of spinach, some sundried tomatoes (drained and chopped), and some grated cheese (probably about a cup?). Mix together with some crushed garlic cloves, some basil and whatever other herbs you like with feta and tomatoes. Add to the basic mixtures.

Spiced Pumpkin
Boil up about 500g of diced pumpkin. Drain and mash. Mix into basic mixture and add in one small diced red onion, a teaspoon each of cumin, coriander and mustard. You may need a few extra spoonfuls of flour  to get the mixture with the right consistency as the mash will make it a bit more sloppy.

Other Fillings (no recipe needed):

  • Defrosted and mashed frozen peas, feta and mint
  • Mashed chickpeas, diced chicken & corn (flavoured with coriander and lemon)
  • Ricotta (400g) & herb
  • Salmon, dill, chive/spring onion and lemon rind
  • Diced bacon, chives and corn
  • Roasted red capsicum, tomato (deseeded), spinach and cheese
Hope you enjoy the recipes. Really just make up whatever you want and give it a try. Just use the basic recipes and add in whatever flavours you think might taste nice. You might like some more than others, but in reality, they will all be edible and palatable! If they aren’t as fantastic as you want, chop them up and grill them for croutons to be used in soup… But I could almost guarantee you will love these recipes… I haven’t had a failure yet.
Now, Wednesday is a sewing tutorial… it will particular interest to people who like fiddling with clothes they already own or making up their own patterns. There will be a special emphasis on changing clothes to make them breastfeeding friendly.
But until them… enjoy your fritters and muffins.
S x

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