As Sweet As…

We’ve been a bit busy in this house the last few days and I just didn’t find the time to do the sewing tutorial that I promised I would do for today’s post. It was going to take longer than I anticipated so I am hoping to get it done on the weekend and it will be ready for Monday’s blog.
In the mean time, I quickly made this pie at the request of my husband and daughter… It’s a great winter dessert and as easy as… well… pie!

At the end of every week we generally cook up whatever fruit and veg we have left over as way of reducing our household waste. With the veg we either par-cook and freeze them or make stock. With the fruit we make muffins, puree, cordial or (like the veg) we cook them up and freeze them.

This pie recipe is made using the already cooked apples we had in the freezer. I have no idea how many apples were in there, but it was a full sandwich size zip-lock bag full. I defrosted them and put them back in a saucepan to sweeten up, adding about 3 tablespoons of sugar, and reduce down. That was literally all I did to the apples.

For the pastry, here is my recipe:

2Cups of Plain Flour
150g Butter, cold.
3 Tablespoons of Caster Sugar
2 Egg Yolks
1Tablespoon of Chilled Water

In a large stainless steel bowl, I put the flour and sugar, then into that I grate the butter. I am not one for modern whizz bang appliances. I prefer the old-fashioned way of doing things – it’s not bad, it’s just how I enjoy things. I get a sense of satisfaction from making the recipes that my grandmother and mother made the way they made them and so I take my pastry mixer thing and I mash the butter into the flour/sugar until it is like crumbs. (I know most people just chuck it all in the food processor and blitz it for a few seconds).

My pastry mixer thinga

After this whisk your egg yolks and cold water in a cup and then pour it all into the flour/butter crumbs. Stir the pastry mixer around until it starts to form lumps, give it a bit of a mash and then pour it all out onto some cling wrap. It will still be quite crumbly, but if you fold the cling wrap up and then massage/squeeze the pastry it will all come together well. DON’T do this too much, otherwise the butter melts and pastry turns a bit grosse. Set the pastry aside for 30 minutes or so while you prepare the filling.

Once you have let the pastry rest, open the cling wrap up, give the kitchen top a dust of flour and start rolling out your pastry. I like my pastry kind of thick so I rolled it out to about 3-5ml thick.

Roll up the pastry on the rolling pin and then unroll it onto your pie dish. Trim the edges and then blind bake until firm and golden.

Then put your cooled filling in, and top with the remaining pastry and bake again until the top is cooked.

There you go, as quick as anything, you have a sweet apple pie! The perfect winter dessert!



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