Cleaning The Mela Way


Many of you know (if you have followed Julilah in any way) that I am a little gung-ho about natural cleaning methods. I just don’t like the idea of my kids hopping in a bath after it has been scrubbed with bleach… ya know?

So first of all I used Eco cleaning products, then I just started making my own with vinegar, bi-carb soda, citric acid, etc etc It was a lot of effort and a lot more elbow grease to get things spick and span.

THEN a friend put me on to Melaleuca. After hesitancy (mostly because I didn’t want to buy bucket loads of products again) I tried a few products and then a few more and before long I was a convert because:
1) it is natural,
2) I don’t have to scrub for hours to get the shower screen clean
3) It’s easier when the stuff is there for you and you don’t have to think about it
and 4) Almost all of their cleaning products are concentrates that you water down. So although I am spending more in the outset, I actually spend LESS in the long run, because they all last for about 6 times longer than if I was just buying single products from the supermarket.

So for those of you that use Melaleuca, here is an awesome blog post that I use to work out what Mela products I need to use for those special cleaning jobs. Naturallylivingmom hasn’t let me down yet.

The other things I keep on hand for special cleaning jobs is the Martha Stewart stain removal basics PDF. I can not tell you the amount of times I have used it!

Also the Shannon Lush website is amazing for anything that Melaleuca doesn’t make (yet) and you want a natural cleaning method for.

Well! Happy Monday! I hope you have found something useful for all your cleaning needs.

OH P.S. While we are here – do you like the photo of the kids using the baths paths? Well that is home made bath paint. Just grab some (organic) shampoo/soap/bath gel, and an equal amount of corn flour, and mix together. Then add in some natural food colouring. These are the ones I use – they arent as vibrant as the fake ones… but then… they aren’t fake.

If you want to see an actual blog on making the paint – this is where I first discovered it.

Happy Bath Painting (and Cleaning!)…

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