Christmas Recycling

So today we (finally) took down our Christmas decorations around the house – I know, probably a bit slack (so late that we could have completed two rounds of the 12 days of Christmas) but we have been super busy the last few weeks. Anyway, while we were taking everything down I remembered how my Mum every year would take down the Christmas cards people had given her and turn them into foldover gift tags for the next year. I thought about what a great way that was to recycle and reuse, and obviously, it goes completely with the philosophy we have in our house of trying to live more simply like previous generations did.

So I thought I would blog about how to do it:
The first step is to gather whatever old Christmas Cards you have hanging around. Obviously, ones with pretty pictures are the best, but even the more subtle ones can look absolutely gorgeous too.
Next is to work out where you want to cut the card. some can be cut in more than one place, but be careful to check where people have written on the inside of the card. Obviously you want to keep the inside of the gift tags blank. But if you have a particularly pretty picture, but there is writing on the inside of the card you can always just cut the front of the card, rather than having a fold over tag.
Put a hole punch in the top left-hand corner so that you can slide some ribbon through for securing them to a present.
AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! A whole bunch of fold over gift tags for Christmas next year. Put them away with all of your Christmas decorations and pull them out next year.
If you are anything like me, you will be planning your Christmas decorations for next year already (okay you may not be THAT much like me)… but why not try and think of some more earth aware ways to wrap presents as well. I know that I am thinking about Christmassy ways to presents in Newspaper for Christmas 2011…
Why not have a look at this Natural Modern Interiors blog on Christmas Wrapping or this one from my favourite blogger ever: Dana
Anyway, my Julilah friends… We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and are continuing the joy into 2011!

Sarah xox