The Chic Ecologist – The Environmental Impact of Everyday Things

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post for this blog, and I am afraid to say, it is going to be even longer because I didn’t write today’s post either.

The Environmental Impact of Sanitary Items

The other day I had a friend who pointed out to me the age-old anti-cloth nappy/cloth pad argument: “I do wonder if the environmental impact of reusable items is any better than disposable”. And I get that argument, because yes it does take a lot of water to make fibres from any source (cotton, bamboo, etc), there is still farming and machines that need to be involved, and transport and shipping. Not to mention all the detergent and water needed to constantly wash the items… And so the argument goes on.

I knew the facts in my head. The landfill space that tampons take up, how quickly (or rather how long) a disposable nappy takes to break down, the fact that ideally you are meant to tip any poo down a toilet before you put the nappy in the bin (REALLY!) and how many people DON’T do that. But I knew someone would have written down the facts and figures with much more in-depth research from valid sources than I could do.

And so I googled… And it wasn’t too long before I discovered THIS from The Chic Ecologist.

Now, this blog doesn’t have a way to reblog, so I am afraid you are just going to have to take the link, click on it, read it and love it, and then come back here!

Hopefully, the discussion in this blog will give you the facts and figures, with scientific research links to encourage you to consider reusable sanitary items.

Do you have any questions about LadyLilah? How to clean them? What do they feel like to wear? What are the personal/health benefits of cloth? Are you a guy keen to find out more about how your female friends/family can make a difference just by changing sanitary items?

Make a comment and I will answer your question. And if I don’t know the answer I will find out!!!

Take care and care lots,

Sarah x


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