Well it is school holidays… do you know what exciting things you could do with your kids over the next few weeks? Here is an idea that we did for the latter half of the summer holidays.


§ Get box and three sheets of paper in three different colours.

§ Colour code activities $/out & free/home and then write one activity on a small piece of coloured paper, fold it in half and put it in the box.

§ Each morning (or however often you want) a child gets to pick out a piece of paper of whatever colour parent says

§ Add in any local/advertised activities you see that could be used (the list below is what we use and so is localised to the Adelaide/Victor Harbour area)

$ – Costs money

Go to the Zoo – $

Go 10 Pin Bowling – $

Go to Mini Golf – $

Go to Urimbirra Wildlife Park – $

Go to the Giant Rocking Horse – $

Go for a ride on Pop-Eye – $

Go Hahndorf Farm Barn – $

Go to Greenhills – $

Go Gorge/Cleland/Warrawong Wildlife Park – $

Go to Port Adelaide (Railway Museum/Maritime Museum etc) – $

Go to the Heritage Farm (Littlehampton) – $

Go Ice Skating – $


Out & Free (could cost a small amount of money – but could be free)

Go to the Museum – out & free

Go to the Art Gallery – out & free

Go to the swimming pool – out & free

Go to the Library – out & free

Have a picnic – out & free/home

Go Whale Watching (Winter) – out & free

Have a Photo Party (Alphabet/Numbers/Themed) – out & free/home

Go to the beach – out & free

Go Fishing – out & free

Teddy Bears Picnic – out & free/home

Go for a hike/walk – out & free



Make Sock Puppets – home

Plan and Cook Dinner with Mum/Dad – home

Have friend over for a playdate – home

Make a cubby out of sheets – home

Set up the tent – home

Have a sleepover – home

Make Macaroni Necklaces – home

Make and play with play dough – home

Make and play with slime – home

Free Baking Day (Free Time in the kitchen) – home

Make a cushion cover – home

Do a sheet painting (Lay a large sheet outside, set up paint (natural or otherwise) and go for it) – home

Boat Day (Fill up buckets of water and make boats out of bottles/sponges) – home

Teddy Bears Picnic – out & free/home

Music Band Day (Turn household items into musical instruments) – home

Have a Treasure Hunt – home

Magnet Fishing Game – home

Make an Egg Mosaic (Easter Holidays) – home

Storybook Theatre – home

Have a picnic – out & free/home

Have a Photo Party (Alphabet/Numbers/Themed) – out & free/home