Mexican Food Just Like Olvera Street

Mexican Food Just Like Olvera Street
One of my favourite memories from our US Holiday is on our very last day we made our way to Olvera Street. We had read about Olvera Street on trip advisor before we left Australia, and with a love of all things Mexican (particularly the food), we knew we had to make a huge effort … Continue reading Mexican Food Just Like Olvera Street

The Chic Ecologist – The Environmental Impact of Everyday Things

The Chic Ecologist – The Environmental Impact of Everyday Things
Have you ever heard this argument for using disposable products: “I do wonder if the environmental impact of reusable items is any better than disposable”... I have, a lot! But read on to find the ACTUAL statistic on the environmental impact of disposable versus reusable sanitary items.  Continue reading The Chic Ecologist – The Environmental Impact of Everyday Things

Cleaning The Mela Way

Many of you know (if you have followed Julilah in any way) that I am a little gung-ho about natural cleaning methods. I just don’t like the idea of my kids hopping in a bath after it has been scrubbed with bleach… ya know? So first of all I used Eco cleaning products, then I … Continue reading Cleaning The Mela Way

All Is Revealed

I’d love to write to you today about how much I love my kids. And I do. The moment I saw my first-born my heart broke into shards, and I felt like it would never be put back together. I discovered this unfailing love where my heart ached and burst from loving. It hit me … Continue reading All Is Revealed

Christmas Soft Dolls For All The Kiddos…

For Christmas this year, I made these dolls for the five little kidlets of my nieces and nephews. They are quite sweet. Not perfect. But sweet none-the-less. Now down to details: I used this pattern from BlackApple (Etsy & Blog) UPDATE 2016: I no longer use this pattern as I have made up my own. Took … Continue reading Christmas Soft Dolls For All The Kiddos…

Everyone Who Travels Has A Story To Tell.

  Our family, well, we love a holiday! LOVE! Whether it be camping, or exploring little towns, or walking through a big city. Always learning, always walking, always photographing and always relaxing. So today on the blog is travel day. A time when I can recall where we’ve been, dream about where we want to … Continue reading Everyone Who Travels Has A Story To Tell.

Wednesday’s Wishes…

With the Julilah blog, I like showing you the good things about my house… The outside is NOT one of them. I was complaining to one of my friends this morning about my garden. Her garden is always so lush and green, and mine is yellow and dull. I said I should hire her as … Continue reading Wednesday’s Wishes…

And So With The Sunshine…

Today I was going to blog my recipe for a healthy  …well… an almost healthy Honey and Vanilla Cheesecake. The first time I made it (about two years ago), it was awesome! Pure awesome! Totes AMAZEBALLS (as my trying-to-be-cool-and-slightly-funny husband would say)! I wrote down the recipe as I was making it, and it was so delicious … Continue reading And So With The Sunshine…

A New Year, A New Cleaning Schedule.

So as we have already discussed, I am a bit of a cleaner. And being the end of 2014, it is time to look at my cleaning schedule for the next year. I detest cleaning because it takes time away from my kiddos and from a happy life. It robs me of my serenity. But … Continue reading A New Year, A New Cleaning Schedule.

Well – Hello there lovely!

It’s late on a Saturday night here. I’ve been sitting here trying to get this darn blog looking perfect. Of course, it isn’t perfect, not by my standards anyway, but that seems to be the theme of this blog (and my life) isn’t it? The not perfect. The idea is to stop striving for the … Continue reading Well – Hello there lovely!

Fantastic and Brilliant Ginger Cordial

This is the best recipe I have made yet! GINGER CORDIAL!!! I tried several recipes last summer and really, none of them came up to anywhere as good as this… Happy Sculling GINGER CORDIAL   1 Large Ginger (diced) Juice of 1 Lemon Rind of 1 Lemon (pith removed) 2 Cups Sugar 3 Cups Water … Continue reading Fantastic and Brilliant Ginger Cordial

DIY Cold Remedies

It’s that time of the year when everyone is coping with the dreaded lurgies that float around our world. We all know that there isn’t a cure for the common cold except for time, bed rest and chicken soup… (oh and whatever medicines you take)… which kinda sucks… So with the help of my sister … Continue reading DIY Cold Remedies