A New Year, A New Cleaning Schedule.

So as we have already discussed, I am a bit of a cleaner. And being the end of 2014, it is time to look at my cleaning schedule for the next year.

I detest cleaning because it takes time away from my kiddos and from a happy life. It robs me of my serenity. But however strongly I feel about cleaning, I feel one hundred times worse about mess (in particular clutter) because… well it just sends me crazy! ESPECIALLY in my kitchen. A messy or cluttered kitchen is my psychological downfall!

The problem is, I ALSO hate feeling like I am loosing my mind and out of control… and if I don’t clean, that is how I feel.

So after a few incidents a couple of years ago where I completely forgot a number of very special things (like my daughter’s first “casual day” at her school, doctors appointments and playdates) where I felt like I was the worst mother in the world, I decided to put together a household folder. We will take a look at the folder at a later date, but basically it is where everything goes that keeps me organised – or at least helps me feel slightly more sane.

Part of this household folder is a cleaning schedule. I have a short term (daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning) and long term (spring cleaning and maintenance). Today I am going to tell you about the short term schedule.

BUT FIRST OF ALL: It is really important that you know and understand this. This schedule is really just a guide. If I don’t get to Tuesday’s jobs then I don’t. Most weeks I miss at least one day. I also know it is more important to clean the toilet than dust in the office… so things get swapped around all the time depending on what is going on. AND this year (2014), being my youngest child’s last year at home before he ventures into the big world of primary school, I knew that time with him and creating memories (for me as well as him) was much MUCH more important than a spotless house. I’ve had situations occur that have meant my brain has tried to convince my heart otherwise – but honestly – I know that being his mum is more than about “keeping house”. PLEASE try to learn that if you don’t already know it. A perfectly clean house is NOT the goal, a sane Mum is.

So the story continues: I’ve had a jobs list ever since… well ever since I can remember really. Mum gave me a list of jobs most days as a kid, especially in the holidays, presumably because I was one of those “Muuuum! I’m Boooooooored!” sort of kids. So now I am kind of addicted to writing lists and organising – even if it doesn’t always keep me organised and it drives people bonkers.

My sister says that I probably spend more time planning than I do doing. But I think I spend less time doing because I plan.

Anyway, to start organising my cleaning schedule I looked at these fantastic PDFs from the Martha Stewart website:

I LOVE Martha Stewart… she inspires me and makes me feel like I have been totally emotionally blackmailed into perfection all at the same time! Quite the skill really. I try look past the “perfect goal” and dwell on the inspiration.
So, I took a look at these lists (remember we are only looking at the short term so far) and I disregarded the things that I didn’t need (really? who polishes copper any more?) and I added in a few things I did need from my old lists and things specific to my house.
Then I divided my house into manageable sections. I didn’t really want to spend more than an hour in full-on cleaning mode every day, so I looked at what I thought I could achieve in an hour of flat out “not stopping to go on facebook or send a text message” type cleaning. If you are a woman who has a 9-5 (or any other hour) job, then you will probably want to clean differently.
Then I added in the monthly list, of things I thought I would want to do once a month. I do one or two of these jobs every day in the third week of the month (or there abouts) – you know, sometimes I cram all of them into one day in the first week of the next month. Sometimes that’s just how life is. OR There’s the option which I actually like the most: I just pick one Saturday where the kids have woken up in good moods, there is no sport to go to (or I convince hubby to do the sports run) and I spend the morning doing all those little jobs. Sometimes things get missed, sometimes they don’t. But I always feel better having at least attempted them.
So THIS is the cleaning schedule I came up. I generally print a copy and have it on the noticeboard for a few weeks, just in case there are any changes I need to make, then I laminate it and put it in the household folder.
Now, feel free to view it, download it, print it, save it, alter it for yourself. Go for your life. Do whatever you need to do with it to make yourself feel like you can handle cleaning your house.
Click on the image to download

Please remember, this is just a guide… and my guide… it works for me. Feel free to use it, or not, or pick to pieces so that it works for you.

Most importantly, don’t aim for perfection… just aim for feeling like you are doing okay… for sanity…

And please comment below. Say Hi, and let me know, are you a scheduler? do you have a cleaning plan for your house? How do you manage cleaning and running your family?


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