Burnt Potato Chips and Monday Made It Madness

First of all, let me apologise for not putting up this blog yesterday. My husband had to use my computer last night and I completely forgot that I had half finished blog just sitting here.

Over the weekend on facebook, I asked the Julilah followers if there was anything they always wanted to try to cook but were too scared to try. We got a number of responses and so I am going to track down some recipes, give them a go myself and hopefully blog about the… ummm… failures (or thinking more positively the successes) at the end of the week. All I can say is that I hope the recipe ideas (which you can find by checking us on facebook) will be much more successful than my first go at these Homemade Potato Chips which I tried last week! MMMM YUMM – Don’t they look… ummm… delicious?

Do you have a food that you want to try cooking but can’t bring yourself to give a go?
Comment at the end of the blog and I will see what I can do.
Today I wanted to show you what personal sewing I have been up to. I have tucked into the KwikSew Toddler book and been using the basic T-shirt pattern to make some awesome little mod t-shirts for Master J. The pictures they have in the KwikSew books are a little dated, but I have modernised them by putting some pop-culture image transfers on the front. For this I use Ausinc Light T-shirt Transfer Paper. It is kind of pricey, but for kids t-shirts I can get two or three images per sheet.


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We are going through a bit of a Dr Who faze at the moment in this house – so the “Keep Calm & Don’t Blink” and “I wear a fez now” are Dr Who references – and well, I have always loved The Goonies.

For the pants I have been making, I have been using the ever popular Dana-Made-It Basic Kids Pants pattern. We use cloth nappies so despite my son being a little skinny-minny I needed to extend the waist about 2cm higher at the back and loosen off the seat about 5cm. For a guide on how to do this check out this guide.

The knee pad pants have a lined denim pocket. These are REALLY easy to do. Just cut out two pockets and two linings in whatever shape you want. Sew around the hand area, the top, the exposed side and the bottom, and then turn inside out through the side of the pocket (which is unsewn). Then before you sew the side seams, pin the pocket into place with the side of the pocket fitted into the seam.

The yellow and black skatey shorts are sewn with extra area in the knee. To do this extend the front pattern piece at the knees by about 2 inches, then after you have cut the pattern pieces (and before you take the two pieces apart) cut two triangles, one at the beginning of the extension and one at the end, on both sides of the leg. The base of the triangle needs to be half the length of the extension (so in my case about 1inch) and I made the height of the triangle about 1.5inches. Sew the two sides of each triangle together and then make the pants as normal. They worked out super cute! I didn’t use any super duper pattern for these. I literally just made it up as I went along. You never know what you can achieve if you don’t ever try!

These trackies are made from an old ribbed knit jumper. They are woolish and oh so cute. I made these last winter for my son, and this winter they had become a little bit short, so I took down the hem at the ankle and also unpicked the waist and put in some thinner elastic and reduced the hem at the top. I am not sure they are going to last the whole winter, but for now they are great, and cosy, and warm.

I have also made a pair of red leggins for myself out of red ribbing and drafted a pattern shape from a pair of leggins I currently wear. Then, last night (at about 6pm) we also discovered that all of MissLil’s nighties were all mini-skirts so I made her a winter night-dress out of some thick pink interlock. For this I just drafted a pattern from a roomy t-shirt that she had, extended the length down to about mid-calf and the arms down to her wrists. I put white ribbing around the neck and the cuffs of the sleeve and 30 minutes later she had a nice warm winter nightie.

Why not give some sewing a go? Venture out from the norm and don’t use a bought pattern; use some clothes that you already have for you patterns. It really is quite easy!

And don’t forget… comment on the blog with some recipe/food suggestions and I will do some recipe inventing/experimenting and see what I can come up with for you.

Have a fantastic Monday… errr…. Tuesday!

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