Father’s Day: My Dad

I started (and almost finished) this really great post on making Father’s Day fantastically Daddy-esque… and I started trawling through my brother’s photography blog for cool photos of my Dad (who passed away earlier this year). I found SO many glorious, and classic, and handsome, and… well… photos that looked just how I imagined he looked before he had kids! None that really fit with my blog – but stunning none the less. So I decided that I am just going to make today’s post about my Dad.
He was the most honouring, loyal, giving, caring man. He lived a life full of integrity and faith. He was funny, and liked a good story.
He had the strongest work ethic I have ever known, and he was dedicated, to whatever he set his heart on.
He was handsome. He had two different coloured eyes. He was athletic. He smiled a lot.
He made a perfect cup of tea. He liked western movies (the old style, the ones with no blood). He loved a good “half hour funny” (Dad’s term for any British Comedy).
He was smart. He was business wise. He was logical.
He loved the land. He loved his wife. He loved his kids.
More than anything, he was my Dad,




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