Father’s Day: Personalised Bookmark

Day Two of our “Father’s Day” series and we are going to make a personalised bookmark!


What you need:

  • Avery Printable Fabric (available from Big W, Lincraft, Harvey Norman, Officeworks or Online) or Matilda’s Own Printable Fabric (which you can buy from Threads & Things Online)
  • Digital Photo
  • Two Strips of Fabric 6cm x 25cm each (contrasting or matching, really doesn’t matter)
  • Double Sided Interfacing or Stabiliser (I use Steam-a-Seam because it is really easy, and I can get it online by the metre or at Spotlight just around the corner from my house)
  • Needle and Embroidery Thread
  • Light Coloured (yellow) Texta or a fabric pencil
  • Rotary Cutter and Metal/Hard-Plastic Ruler

What to do:

First of all find yourself a nice picture like this one I picked out.

Now what you need to do is edit the photo so that you have a 4x4cm (150x150px) photo that you like. Adjust the colour (I have gone for black and white) however you want to, or use any swanky photo editing you want. I just edit my photos for projects like this using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but Paint works just as well or Photoshop… or anything really – you can even do it in Publisher. Anyway, you should end up with a photo like this:

Now, you need to print the photo following the instructions on the printable fabric. I am using a slightly different method (which involves another product called Bubble Jet Set which you soak your fabric in and then iron it to a stabiliser and put it through the printer… It is a bit convoluted and so I will blog about that another day). The outcome will be the same though!
Now just a handy hint, when printing, sometimes I print two as the first one often smudges just a little bit. The next step is to take your texta/fabric marker and mark with a small dot 1cm around the edge of the photo and then cut with the rotary cutter and the metal ruler. If you don’t have a rotary cutter just rule a feint line and cut it carefully with scissors.



Take your stabiliser and you need to cut a square that is the size of the photo. I do this just by putting a straight edge on the edge of the photo and mark a dot to start your cut line. Do the same on the other side of the photo and then cut the square.

Then cut another piece of stabiliser fabric to be the same size as your strips (6 x 25cm).
So now you should have all your pieces. 2 fabric strips, and one stabiliser to match, the photo square and a stabiliser to match the size of the photo.


Now take the photo and the stabiliser and attach the stabiliser to the back of the photo. With my stabiliser, I have to take the backing paper off, iron the wrong side of the fabric a little, put the stabiliser sticky side down to the wrong side of the fabric, iron a little again, and then peel then the top paper layer of the stabiliser off.
Next, attach the sticky side of the photo onto the right side of the top bookmark layer. Iron again to fix the photo fabric to the top of the bookmark. Then straight stitch with 3 strangs of embroidery thread.


Then attach the bookmark strip of stabiliser to the back of the bookmark fabric in the same way. Then attach the bookmark backing to the stabiliser. What you will end up with is the two fabrics fused together as in the 3rd picture below.


Trim the strips so that they are all nice and tidy. And then mark the bottom of the bookmark in the middle and trim to an arrow point.


Straight stitch around the edge of the bookmark (down to the photo). I find it easiest to start halfway along to the top edge of the bookmark, where we are going to put the tassle at the end, work my way down to the photo, stitch across the bookmark and then up the other side and across to where I started.. And then straight stitch around the edge of the arrow point in a similar fashion. Don’t worry about the knots that will be at the back of the bookmark, they really don’t detract from the finished product.


To do the tassle, thread the needle with 6 strands of embroidery thread and take it through the fabric from the front side, loop it around your finger on the back side of the bookmark and back through to the front. Unthread the needle and take both strands that are sitting out the front and put them through the loop. Pull tight and snug and it should be secure. Do this several times over (I did it about 5 times) and then gather all the tassles and tie a knot nice and close to the fabric….


(Oh and in case you were wondering, the edges shouldn’t fray too much, and if they do it is nothing to worry about! It all adds to the charm).



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