Julilah MummaLilah Pad Co-Op

Well with the Julilah July Co-Op coming to an end, I thought we should do a post on caring for this Co-Ops item: Cloth MummaLilah Pads!

Now I know lots of you would probably say “blergh!” to using cloth pads, and in all honesty, I used to too. But I had so many people asking me to make them, I thought “well if I am going to sell them, I better use them first”. So I drafted a pattern, sewed some up and used them for 6 months before I decided I would sell them.

MummaLilahPads: (from left) Liners, Day Pads & Night Pads
As soon as I was ready to sell them and my patterns finalised, we held a Co-Op (where a group of people get together and order a minimum amount and receive a discount – often made to order because people get to chose their specific fabrics etc) and had a good number of orders.
So with the Co-op coming to a close and the pads getting posted this week, I thought we should put up a blog on how to care for your MummaLilahPads.

This is my preferred method of caring for a cloth pad. After using a pad I wash the pad straight away with the very next load of washing. If you are like me, you have do at least one load of clothes or nappies every day, and so it is quite easy to just unsnap the pad and throw it in. They are then fine to pop in the dryer (remember dryers will reduce the life expectancy of a pad) or line dry.

If you don’t do a wash every day or you simply would prefer to do one wash, washing all your pads together, at the end of yourcycle, you can soak the pad in a bucket of plain cold water (I just use an ice cream container WITH A LID and sit it in the laundry). Place the used pad straight in the cold water, top side down. This water needs to be changed every day to avoid yucky smells. The water from the ice cream bucket can be used on any plants/gardens too.

When I am ready to wash it I just throw it in the wash just like I would anything else. There are some things to avoid in a wash though. Don’t use vinegar or bleach in the wash and don’t wash on really hot cycle (this will melt or decay the waterproof layering to the pads).

Pretty easy right????
Are you interested to know more? Here’s the details about MummaLilah Pads

MummaLilah Liner: RRP $12

Double absorbent flannel layer. Cotton base (No hidden PUL layer in liners). Flannel top. Single snapping closure.
Approximate Measurements: 16x6cm (excluding wings). 5.5x6cm folded.

MummaLilah Day Pad: RRP $15

Double absorbent bamboo layer. PUL or Cotton base. (Cotton base has a hidden PUL layer). Microfleece or flannelette top. Single snapping closure.
Approximate Measurements: 26x8cm (excluding wings). 8x7cm folded.

MummaLilah Night Pad: RRP $18.

Triple absorbent bamboo layer. PUL or Cotton base. (Cotton base has a hidden PUL layer). Microfleece or flannelette top. Double snapping closure (for thinner or wider closure).
Approximate Measurements: 29x10cm. 10x10cm folded

If you want to know more about the benefits of cloth pads, have a look here or here. Or feel free to email me.
Now you are full informed you can buy up big time! They really are good! I promise…

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