Lamb & Barley Broth

Another winter warmer today from my Mum’s recipe book… and it is a family favourite!

Lamb & Barley Broth

Now, Mum’s soup recipes can be slightly confusing because she wrote her soup recipes in “lots”. Let me try to explain it for you: Basically, before cooking you shove your vegetables into a food processor and blitz it up with an amount of water. Each processor full is one lot. So when she says “two LOTS of onion”, you put one LARGE onion into the food processor then pour water in until you reach the 1+1/2 pint water marker – and that is one lot. Do that again, and you have 2 lots. For the celery, you just put in however much you want and again, fill the water up to the 1+1/2pint mark and blitz it, and that is one lot… does this make sense? No? That’s okay – I have been married to my husband for 8 years and he still doesn’t understand how it can work in a recipe.

Anyway, here you go…


Process           2 lots* of Onion (1 large Onion per lot)
                        3 lots* of Celery
                                     * Each lot is made up to 1 ½ pint level with water
Pour                 each lot into a large heavy based saucepan
Add                 1C Pearl Barley
                        1 ½ tsp salt
                        Quantity of Lamb Shanks
Simmer            for as long as possible
Note                 Leave in fridge preferably overnight & lift the fat the next day
                        Does not keep well so best to freeze the surplus


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