Lil’s Room Makeover.

Lilli’s room is really very yellow! very… yellow… lovely… but… yellow…!

This is what her room looked like when we were thinking about buying the house:

This is what it looked like after we had moved in and set it up
This is what it looked like after Lil had a nap one afternoon:
(admittedly this one was my fault because
I thought putting textas in her craft table was okay)
and THIS is what it looked like this morning:

Her room has gotten progressively messier and cluttered. So this year I decided I was going to do it up. JD is nearly old enough to move in and share the room with her (I like the idea of my children sharing rooms).

Now, earlier this year we had the floor boards redone and polished in the living area, so that meant all the furniture had to be piled in the kitchen and our and Lil’s bedroom. Everything was shifted back pretty quickly except for our lovely, iron-framed piano. We just never got around to calling a mover in to do it for us. Yesterday I finally rang someone and they came over today! For the grand price of $110 and a total of 1minute of their time, they moved the piano. Okay! It might sound expensive, but at least my floorboards are left unscratched!

So NOW, Lil’s room looks like this. Still messy, but fresh and bright:


Now to start the REAL fun! Decorating and organising!
What fantastic ideas do you have for this room? We are going to stick with the yellow, but I am going to add in greys and blues… I have my own ideas about what I am going to do, but I am sure someone has some fantastic ideas for storage, décor and unisex trimmings!
Oh! and for those that are interested my living area now looks like this, back to how it was always intended:





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