New Market Finds: Pipsqueaks Market Review and Businesses I loved.

One of the wonderful things I love about Julilah only doing markets in the latter half of every year is that I get to spend the first half of the year going to markets and enjoying them without my “Julilah” hat on. 

On Sunday I went to a brand new market in my local area. The Pipsqueaks Market located in the Mitcham Cultural Village was so quaint – nice and close to home and in a really cosy building that gave it a real homely touch. It was nice and small with a lovely and select amount of stalls. The quality of products was high, and the stall holders were all friendly and chatty.

As a stall holder I am not sure that there would have been enough traffic through to make it a good sale day, but as a shopper there was just the right amount of people wandering around. There is nothing worse as a shopper than an over crowded, over publicised market, where you can not even get to see the products because you are tripping over prams and dealing with over stimulated kids. Although these markets are often best for the stall holders in terms of sales and publicity, they often leave me (as an attendee) with a sense of having either wasted my time or purely exhausted. From this point of view Pipsqueaks ticked all of my happy boxes.

The only negative I found was that before I left home I checked their website, posters and facebook page (status updates and the information section) to see if there would be an entrance charge and couldn’t find anything.  When we got there, we found that it was a $2 each to go in (for me and my 6 yr old daughter). When I got home I did a double check and did find a link on the website that said “BUY TICKETS” and when I followed that link it did say that the entrance was $2, but there was absolutely nothing on the other avenues of publicity. Obviously, not knowing that there would be a charge to get in was kind of my fault, but I do feel this was not highlighted enough. But in the real world $4 almost pays for my weekly coffee on the way to church (or two days wage in some parts of Asia – perspective, perspective, perspective) and it was going to a charity so I didn’t really get too annoyed. We did get one goody bag as we entered, which had in it a copy of the current Adelaide’s Child magazine, a stack of business cards and a few vouchers (which totalled about $25+ – not that I would use them all). I am not really sure of the idea behind these goody bags; I guess they are meant to be targeted advertising, but really, there was only two vouchers in there that I liked the look of, and none of the business cards I wanted. For me, they are just wasted paper and printing and effort, and that’s really, really frustrating from an environmental perspective!!! I would much rather be given a special individual code on my printed ticket (another environmental impact that I don’t really care for – especially for a small local market) that I could use on the website to gain access to a stack of information about stallholders, vouchers and special deals – No printing required.

Now. Let’s be honest. Let’s face it. Adelaide is inundated with “mums and bubs” style markets. Often the same businesses go to ALL of the markets so really you can take your pick of which ones you go to, because you know they are all going to have the same thing. Happily, Pipsqueaks was different. I found businesses that I hadn’t seen before. Now maybe that is my fault. Maybe I have been too busy tripping over prams and dealing with over stimulated kids to notice these businesses… BUT I found three businesses I fell in love with instantly.

Days of August was simply one of the most outstanding, eco-friendly, jewellery related stalls I had ever seen. With the ever popular typewriter key and scrabble tile rings, they also branched out and have made some truly individual styling jewellery. I am a big fan of simple and classy. Days of August is simple and classy with that truly unique edge that I love, and the fact that it also concentrates itself on the eco-friendly, well that makes it perfect for my style. The only thing that DID freak me out was that the chick in the photos for the Windsor Tie looked a little bit TOO much like Erin Karpluk from Being Erica, and given the lady that was running Days of August was Canadian, it was a little bit… well… just odd!


Days of August: The Windsor – A hand-pleated and hand-stitched recycled tie necklace. $50.
Days of August: Wood and Silver Brooches, Rings & Earings. Prices Vary.
Dressed for Sunday was a pure joy to look through. I always fall in love with covered buttons, but just can not bring myself to buy them. I always think that I have SO many fabric scraps of my own I should just buy myself the kit to do my own, not to sell, just for my own fun. So when I saw Dressed for Sunday had covered buttons I started to peruse the rest of her wares and it was SERIOUSLY beautiful. It wasn’t all girly and kiddy and flippy like lots of places that sell brooches and hair clips. Again, it was elegant in it’s styling. What made me stop and look initially was the Obi style belts… but Dressed for Sunday had me at “reuseable fabric tea bags”!!
Dressed for Sunday: (from top left, clockwise), Obi Belt, price unknown. Mo Brooch,  $14.50. Card & Fabric Gift Tags, price unknown. Set of 4 Cotton Cocktail Napkins, $18. Fabric Brooches, $14.50ea,  Wooden Park Brooch, $15.
Last but not least was Kasiabear. Again, all the designs were really simple, but this time specifically designed for the kiddies. I do get really tired of seeing all the frills and fluff that goes along with market sellers and their kids stuff. Even those who think they don’t sell all the frills and frou-frou, still often over complicate their designs, prints or products with too many colours and too much fuss. It puts off a simple heart like me. From this point of view Kasiabear was a real delight.
Kasiabear: (from top left, clockwise) Round Glass Pendant, price unknown. Denim/Lace Covered Notepad & Pencil, $15. Fabric/Crochet Rings, price unknown. Children’s Vinyl Print T-Shirts, $25.
They were certainly my favourites from today! Have a look around and check them all out on facebook, etsy, madeit and most importantly, check on their websites and find out when their next local market is and go and support them in person.

And thanks to the organisers of Pipsqueaks! Hopefully they enjoyed organising the market and were happy with how it all went! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit there. Thanks so much for bringing a nice quaint little market to my area.

NB: Please remember that this review comes from a person whose business and household is constantly striving towards  the reusable, sustainable, longevity and lowest environmental impact within lifestyle and product range, so of course those things are taken into consideration and personal preference when it comes to market reviews and potential purchases. 

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