Scrummy Yummy Crumpets!

So I have decided to add in a post every now and then from my old personal blog. I don’t update it much anymore because I am too busy working on Julilah. But there is some real value in there, so I thought, rather than waste content, I would recycle it – how very Julilah of me

FROM 24th May 2010

Okay – Today Lil asked for crumpets for breakfast, of course we didn’t have any coz it’s always a treat that I buy when I do the grocery shopping. Now as you know we try to buy as much unprocessed/fresh stuff as possible and try to make as much from scratch at home. Anyway, when Lil asked for crumpets I remembered seeing a recipe for crumpets in one of my old fashioned cookbooks. When I found it, it looked a bit complicated, so I googled a recipe and found the following.

**NOTE: I only made a half batch, in case they didn’t work out – and I got about 18 from the recipe. I made it in the breadmaker, but would be easy as to do by hand…


Put in your breadmaker:

2 tsp dried yeast
600g strong plain flour
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
800mL slightly warmed milk

allow this to mix (knead for a bit and then mixing) and then rise for 1 hour (it should end up to be double the size).

Then add in:

1/2 tsp bicarb mixed in 1Tbs warm water. Run the dough cycle again. After this rise it should be bubbly and about double the size.

Heat your frypan on medium heat. Grease some egg rings (apparently you can actually buy crumpet rings which are a bit bigger). Pour about 2Tbs or 1/4 Cup of the mix in each egg ring (should be about 3/4 up the side of the ring). The top will go bubbly and will look almost set, and at this stage flip it and cook for a minute or so.

Put on a rack to cool and then repeat the process until the mix is gone.

How delicious do they look??? YUMMO! They may take a while but, oh my goodness they are worth it!!!

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