Christmas Soft Dolls For All The Kiddos…

For Christmas this year, I made these dolls for the five little kidlets of my nieces and nephews. They are quite sweet. Not perfect. But sweet none-the-less. Now down to details: I used this pattern from BlackApple (Etsy & Blog) UPDATE 2016: I no longer use this pattern as I have made up my own. Took … Continue reading Christmas Soft Dolls For All The Kiddos…

Burnt Potato Chips and Monday Made It Madness

First of all, let me apologise for not putting up this blog yesterday. My husband had to use my computer last night and I completely forgot that I had half finished blog just sitting here. Over the weekend on facebook, I asked the Julilah followers if there was anything they always wanted to try to … Continue reading Burnt Potato Chips and Monday Made It Madness

New Market Finds: Pipsqueaks Market Review and Businesses I loved.

One of the wonderful things I love about Julilah only doing markets in the latter half of every year is that I get to spend the first half of the year going to markets and enjoying them without my “Julilah” hat on.  On Sunday I went to a brand new market in my local area. … Continue reading New Market Finds: Pipsqueaks Market Review and Businesses I loved.

Crafty Kitchen and Annoying Nails! (or Why I Don’t Like Clocks!)

Today I am going to show you how I made my On Saturday, I was standing in my nice but not quite nice enough kitchen, and I looked up and rediscovered this really annoying ‘thing’ in my kitchen wall… It was a nail… You know the sort? A nail that probably, the previous owners had … Continue reading Crafty Kitchen and Annoying Nails! (or Why I Don’t Like Clocks!)

Monday! I’ve got last week on my mind!

Last week we had very little blogging and quite a lot of living going on! I was busy finishing off the cloth pad co-op for Julilah, Lil had two birthday parties, JD had his birthday, hubby was finishing off a stack of assignments, JD got tonsilitis (again) and it was the Royal Adelaide Show! A … Continue reading Monday! I’ve got last week on my mind!

Father’s Day: Personalised Bookmark

Day Two of our “Father’s Day” series and we are going to make a personalised bookmark! TUTORIAL What you need: Avery Printable Fabric (available from Big W, Lincraft, Harvey Norman, Officeworks or Online) or Matilda’s Own Printable Fabric (which you can buy from Threads & Things Online) Digital Photo Two Strips of Fabric 6cm x … Continue reading Father’s Day: Personalised Bookmark

Father’s Day: iPad Cover

Well today is the first day of our Father’s Day series and we are going through tutorial on how to make a iPad Cover out of an old business shirt and some other materials! It looks so cute finished and even utilises the pocket on the shirt! TUTORIAL What you will need An old newspaper … Continue reading Father’s Day: iPad Cover

Well, this is more fun than I remember.

I have been on a bit of a hiatus from Julilah for the last week. It’s not permanent. Just getting ready for the lollipop markets, which was last weekend, was really full on! So I decided to get into some of the old crafts that I loved before sewing and painting became my “work”. I … Continue reading Well, this is more fun than I remember.

Handy Hint

Do you find it hard to buy track pants that are long enough for your toddlers, but that are tight enough around the waist that they won’t fall down? Or do you really not like those fake little waist ties that are on so many trackies these days? Well here is today’s handy hint: and … Continue reading Handy Hint