Christmas Soft Dolls For All The Kiddos…

For Christmas this year, I made these dolls for the five little kidlets of my nieces and nephews. They are quite sweet. Not perfect. But sweet none-the-less. Now down to details: I used this pattern from BlackApple (Etsy & Blog) UPDATE 2016: I no longer use this pattern as I have made up my own. Took … Continue reading Christmas Soft Dolls For All The Kiddos…

Gingerbread Biscuits – Holiday Fun!

You know how you set your kids up at the table and they do play-dough for an hour and that gives you the freedom to clean the kitchen/pay the bills/sit down and play with your kids stress free? You know how it’s good to have some biscuits in a tin in case you get those spur of … Continue reading Gingerbread Biscuits – Holiday Fun!

New Market Finds: Pipsqueaks Market Review and Businesses I loved.

One of the wonderful things I love about Julilah only doing markets in the latter half of every year is that I get to spend the first half of the year going to markets and enjoying them without my “Julilah” hat on.  On Sunday I went to a brand new market in my local area. … Continue reading New Market Finds: Pipsqueaks Market Review and Businesses I loved.


How did you spend ANZAC Day? I spent the day with my family and feeling ever so humbled. I woke up to the sound of my two year old waking up his sister at the Ungodly hour of 5:30am, and with a sigh I got up, knowing that I would have no chance at all … Continue reading ANZAC Day

Monday! I’ve got last week on my mind!

Last week we had very little blogging and quite a lot of living going on! I was busy finishing off the cloth pad co-op for Julilah, Lil had two birthday parties, JD had his birthday, hubby was finishing off a stack of assignments, JD got tonsilitis (again) and it was the Royal Adelaide Show! A … Continue reading Monday! I’ve got last week on my mind!

Spring has Sprung… Father’s Day: Bread & Butter Pudding

Well today marks the first day of spring and also the last day of our “Father’s Day” series. So first of all, we have a new blog header which is just lovely – Spring has sprung and I love the colours here… I intend to be spending spring, and probably most of summer, redoing our … Continue reading Spring has Sprung… Father’s Day: Bread & Butter Pudding

Father’s Day: My Dad

I started (and almost finished) this really great post on making Father’s Day fantastically Daddy-esque… and I started trawling through my brother’s photography blog for cool photos of my Dad (who passed away earlier this year). I found SO many glorious, and classic, and handsome, and… well… photos that looked just how I imagined he … Continue reading Father’s Day: My Dad

Father’s Day: Personalised Bookmark

Day Two of our “Father’s Day” series and we are going to make a personalised bookmark! TUTORIAL What you need: Avery Printable Fabric (available from Big W, Lincraft, Harvey Norman, Officeworks or Online) or Matilda’s Own Printable Fabric (which you can buy from Threads & Things Online) Digital Photo Two Strips of Fabric 6cm x … Continue reading Father’s Day: Personalised Bookmark

Father’s Day: iPad Cover

Well today is the first day of our Father’s Day series and we are going through tutorial on how to make a iPad Cover out of an old business shirt and some other materials! It looks so cute finished and even utilises the pocket on the shirt! TUTORIAL What you will need An old newspaper … Continue reading Father’s Day: iPad Cover