DIY Cold Remedies

It’s that time of the year when everyone is coping with the dreaded lurgies that float around our world. We all know that there isn’t a cure for the common cold except for time, bed rest and chicken soup… (oh and whatever medicines you take)… which kinda sucks… So with the help of my sister … Continue reading DIY Cold Remedies

Lamb & Barley Broth

Another winter warmer today from my Mum’s recipe book… and it is a family favourite! Lamb & Barley Broth Now, Mum’s soup recipes can be slightly confusing because she wrote her soup recipes in “lots”. Let me try to explain it for you: Basically, before cooking you shove your vegetables into a food processor and … Continue reading Lamb & Barley Broth

Golden Syrup Dumpling Deliciousness!!!

My mum always said she wasn’t a great cook, but I used to love her food. Sure she never did all that whizz-bang Masterchef variety of dishes, I mean we never even had Spaghetti Bolognese, but she could do those traditional meals really well, and comfort food, well that was her gift. One of the … Continue reading Golden Syrup Dumpling Deliciousness!!!

As Sweet As…

We’ve been a bit busy in this house the last few days and I just didn’t find the time to do the sewing tutorial that I promised I would do for today’s post. It was going to take longer than I anticipated so I am hoping to get it done on the weekend and it … Continue reading As Sweet As…

Soup of the Red and Lentil Variety

First of all, let me just ask you all, is it possible to buy chocolate biscuits on shopping day, open the packet on the first day, and for them to last the whole week? I think not! On the more healthy, disciplined side, today we are having Red Lentil Soup for lunch! YUM!   INGREDIENTS: … Continue reading Soup of the Red and Lentil Variety

Before Winter Ends: Beef and Red Wine Casserole

I thought before winter ends that I would make one last casserole. The days are warming up to 20-22oC next week, so while the temperature is still in the teens we set about to make a delicious Beef and Wine Casserole. Ingredients: Meat (Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Pork – Anything will do really) Oil (we use … Continue reading Before Winter Ends: Beef and Red Wine Casserole

Rainy Days and Mondays…

Well, you all know how the song goes… but as much as I love ‘The Carpenters’ I have to say that Rain and Mondays are two of my most favourite things. On Mondays, Lil goes back to school after what is usually a very jam packed, action filled (and talkative) weekend, and I get to … Continue reading Rainy Days and Mondays…