The Week We’ve Had!!! (or Mother Guilt Honesty!)

Well! I had all awesome intentions of making sure I blogged every Tuesday starting last week… And look at me… Second week and I am already a week late! But I promise I have a good reason… This week has been rather hectic.

It all started last Saturday night, when I ducked out of the bathroom to send (what I thought at the time was) an important email for Julilah.

My beautiful son (who is almost 4) fell as he was getting out of the bathroom and hit his head on the vanity bar. Needless to say there was an almighty gash on his head, blood everywhere (which always looks worse when there is water involved), and a screaming 4 yr old. Suddenly that important email was very, VERY unimportant.

We rushed up to the emergency room of our local hospital and were directed straight away to the children’s emergency room. He was seen quickly, and after they assessed him to not have a concussion (just a massive cut) he was allowed to finally fall asleep from all the exhaustion. He had numbing cream on the wound so that while he was asleep the doctors and (thank God) the plastics surgeon (who just happened to be on duty that night) could have a good look. After a few consultations, they gave him an injection to put him slightly to sleep and then an IV line to give him further anaesthetic as needed…

And then, after what seemed like an age, but probably wasn’t, the surgeon and the other doctor on duty got to work stitching my little boy up. 11 stitches later, we waited for him to wake, and then for him to drink, and eat, and finally… walk… (I think during the two hours he was slowly waking up, I actually got an insight into what he may be like when he is older and calling us to pick him up because he has had too much to drink… the classic line of the night was “mummy… you… have… four… eyes….”)

and at 12:30am Sunday morning we could FINALLY go home.

Asleep after the wound had been numbed.
The IV line was in, now we were just waiting for the surgeon  to start.
Surgery over, now we are just waiting for him to wake up.
And all the time our gorgeous daughter was sitting in the waiting room colouring in. She was such an angel.
The next day, bruised and battered, but happy!
2 days later, and we were late to take his sister to school, but I figured a sleep in was well deserved.

So if one day you buy something from Julilah, and it is a few days late getting to you, remember this story. It is times like this that I am reminded why I say I am not a Work At Home Mum… I am a Stay At Home Mum who has a little business on the side…  Never again will I think an email is more important.


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