Today is the day to sort out the house!

So once a month or so, we sit down and work out house stuff – Today we have decided to focus on the garden.

Our garden is generally pretty small. But hubby has built a 1m x 5m patch out the back for vegies. We will get that filled with soil in the next few weeks. That’s his job this afternoon; to call around the soil places nearby.

My job was to get someone to come and take out the big tree stump that is in the front yard. See that lovely big tree on the left hand side of the picture? Well, that tree died about 6 months after we moved in (we don’t think it was us specifically that killed it!). An arborist came in to remove the tree but left a stump because he said the tree was too big and the root system would be too extensive to remove. Well NOW the roots are all starting to rot under the ground and our grass is sinking…

So we spoke to the lovely guys from Jungle Bros. They are coming to have a look this arvo, and hopefully we will go from giant, unsightly and dangerous tree stump… to many hours of this over the summer!!!

The next thing we did was call The Fruit Salad Tree people.

We are going to be getting two gorgeous fruit salad trees. One for citrus (summer oranges, winter oranges, lemons and mandarins) and a stone fruit tree (peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines). We will be putting them in some half wine barrels and sit them on the deck up by our sliding doors…

I’ve also managed to get the piano movers to come in tomorrow to put that back where it is meant to go (seeing as it has been sitting in Lil’s room for about two months now), call the specialist about JD’s appointment and change the bank account details for our private health cover. I’ve done pretty well really!

Now to fold the mountain of laundry that is sitting on my dining room table… Will life ever not be a mess?

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