Tomorrow is the day!

Well tomorrow is the launch day of Julilah! It is really exciting and slightly scary. Jeff is working really hard to finish off the website and get it up and running so from tomorrow (hopefully) you will be able to go to to see all the current products and find out how to order, plus find out as much information about Julilah as you could ever want.

I wont put up pictures here tonight (you wouldn’t want me to spoil the surprise would you?) but I have an almost complete set of Bluebirds, plus Autumn and Zara.

We have also booked a stall at the Homebirth Network SA Winter Fete and Fundraiser which will be held at the Goodwood Community Centre on Friday the 6th of August from 10a-12:30p! It’s really all happening around here

We are going to have a shopping cart functioning in a few weeks, but for now we will just be taking orders via email or phone.

Well it’s getting late and it’s a big day tomorrow!
Hope you all pop over to Julilah this week to have a look around!

Sarah xox

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