Wednesday’s Wishes…

With the Julilah blog, I like showing you the good things about my house… The outside is NOT one of them.

I was complaining to one of my friends this morning about my garden. Her garden is always so lush and green, and mine is yellow and dull. I said I should hire her as my gardener because she is so good and I am a crap-hole of a gardener. I said how I literally know NOTHING about gardening. She said “You know Sarah, there is this thing… called Google?”…

She’s right you know?…

So this year (well 2015) I am going to dedicate myself to the outdoors… specifically… on a Saturday. Saturday I will take care of my garden, be it weeding, planting, fertilising! I will make my garden lovely… and at the very least – not dead.


Two years ago we made this big veggie patch out the back in the area between the house and the shed (photo to come). I planted veggies (two lots actually) and NOTHING grew. Or it grew okay, but it didn’t produce a lot… The problem? (or so I’ve been told) It spends most of the day in shade. But also, I’m a crap-hole gardener. So my task is to become a bit more informed.

So that was my first Google: “Shaded Vegetable Patch”. Unfortunately it seems that not much will grow in heavy shade (veggie wise). Potatoes are an option, and beans, so I must Google that a bit more. Remind me, will you?

I also found this article. THEN I realised I bought their book for my husband and it has been sitting on his bedside table, very artfully, for the last six months. I will have to read this.

 Little Veggie Patch Co

BUT then I found the Gardening Australia website with this video. I like the look of the hydrangeas and winter roses. And seeing as the “veggie patch” is seen through the kids room maybe a nice lush garden would look nice and give me a sense of achievement?

I Googled a few images and thought how pretty they are. Then I stumbled across this winter rose article. I read the first line “Over recent years, hellebores have become very popular perennnials[sic]”. What the heck is a perennial I hear you ask? ME TOO???
Mr. Wiki, can you help me???
Ahhh… I feel this may take a long time to learn. Do you have any tips for growing anything in heavy shade?


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