Well – Hello there lovely!

It’s late on a Saturday night here.

I’ve been sitting here trying to get this darn blog looking perfect. Of course, it isn’t perfect, not by my standards anyway, but that seems to be the theme of this blog (and my life) isn’t it? The not perfect.

The idea is to stop striving for the perfect, or at least, to accept that less than perfect is okay.

I struggle with this and one day I will tell you why. I’m not sure I really know why myself completely just yet. But a recent event has lead me to re-examine why my own perfection is important to me.


What is this blog going to do for me and for you? Well, Firstly, it is going to give me a place to be honest. I love life, I really do, but sometimes my actions don’t display my heart. And I am not sure how to fix that. So this will be my first promise – to be honest about my heart in the hope of fixing my actions.

Secondly, it will be a place where you can see that even though I have a great business that I love, I am just me. I am imperfectly perfect.

There’s lots of mummy business owners and bloggers out there – I know this. And if you are anything like me you look at them and think “her house is always so clean!”, “her kids always look so happy”, “her hair always looks good”. I know that you do, because I do, and my sister does.

My sister, who knows me better than most, reads my other blog and then calls me and says “Sarah! You are so good! How do you have the time to make all those fantastic things? You’re kids are so lucky.”

Well, I am sure you know, as do I, as does she, that this isn’t real. So this blog is real. You will get real writings about the mess I am in, or the tantrum I threw when my daughter yelled at me, or the burnt dinner I made and forced everyone to eat,

It’s not that I don’t want to strive for perfection. But I am going to be honest about the struggle and the results. It will be a place to vent and a place to celebrate. A place of acceptance and tolerance and love. It will be honest, and it will be imperfect.

2014 was great for me. Let’s hope 2015 will be even better.


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