Well, this is more fun than I remember.

I have been on a bit of a hiatus from Julilah for the last week. It’s not permanent. Just getting ready for the lollipop markets, which was last weekend, was really full on! So I decided to get into some of the old crafts that I loved before sewing and painting became my “work”.

I have spent most of my nights this week doing yarn crafts (knitting and crocheting). It’s how I used to spend many a night before I started Julilah, and it is how I spent almost every winter when I was a little girl, under the direction of my dear Mum.

So on Monday night, I started searching my wool stash. First of all, I found this collection of squares that I have been working on for well on three years now. It was originally meant to be a rug for my daughter’s cot, and given that she is now 5 and a 1/2 and her brother is nearly two and has been in the cot for his whole life, that probably tells a little bit too much about exactly HOW waylaid I got with this project. BUT don’t you just love the colours… the green is such a fresh, crisp, nurturing colour and the ivory and orange just sets it off beautifully… I MUST get around to finishing this, even for just my own enjoyment.


Then, I remembered that around mid-April I started knitting this scarf for Little Miss Lil to wear to school. It was so very, very cold leading up to winter that I decided I would get a head start, so that I didn’t send the poor love off to school freezing from her head to her toes! Clearly that didn’t pan out to well either?


So after I knitted the scarf for a while, one of my lovely friends asked if I knew how to crochet, to help her with a pattern (which I actually gave her to make for me – it was my Nanna’s from about 1940). Much to my annoyance, I couldn’t work out the pattern at all! I had forgotten so much of what my Mum taught me about crochet. So I sat down and started doing a beanie for Lil (to match the unfinished scarf) to wear to school. I logged onto my dear old friend, Ravelry, and found a quick and easy beanie pattern, and off I went, teaching myself.
Now I came across a few problems. First of all, I was making the pattern, remembering what I could, and the rest I was looking up on this new, fang-dangled iPad App. What I didn’t realise is on the pattern I was following the UK pattern and my iPad App was giving me US instructions. So for those of you that are novices (like me) and want a quick reference to the UK instructions for crochet stitches, just go here. It was truly a lifesaver!

So after I had worked out all the cross cultural terminology, I finally finished the beanie! Do you like it?


Once I felt really accomplished, I thought I better actually try the pattern that I gave to my friend, hoping that I could work out the tricky bits! and this is how far I have got!

What did I learn this week? Two things really…

1) Crochet is SOOOOO much quicker than knitting


2) This is A LOT more fun than I remember

What have you been creating this week?

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