Whatcha lookin’ at??

I have had such a great time lately trawling through the pages and pages of fascinating stuff that are offered to me on the internet… Blogs, business pages, wiki… The list goes on… But there is one thing that every website offers us, and that is knowledge! Love it or hate it, but we learn every time we google, read, listen and observe. With that in mind, here is what I am looking at lately:

This is an interesting page. I haven’t really read through the much of the site yet, just a few pages, but from what I have read it looks really up my alley, or down my street, or whatever the saying is.

But if you follow the link here it will take you to the passionate homemaking recipe for homemade deodorant! I’ve tried all sorts of hippy deodorants, because I don’t like the idea of aluminium going under my arms… but none have ever worked, but I am keen to try this one… I must be, because I have had this page open for about 2 weeks now!

So do you like to read? I do… particularly classics or high acclaimed novels. I have books on my iPad (and phone) but in all honesty, nothing beats opening up my Mum’s old copy of Jane Eyre (which I know she had in the late 1960’s so it has good sentimentality) and having a cup of tea while I read! Anyway, Goodreads has just put together this list and compared it to the TIME top 100 ready books. Some of them look really good! I know I will be getting some of them

This next one is a bit of a doozy!! My little 2 year old JD is always sick! Always! and mostly with tonsillitis, and then some variation of pneumonia, chest infection, ear infection or conjunctivitis on top of that. We have had a few breakthroughs, and today we saw a paediatrician who has said that my dear little boy needs to have his tonsils out and maybe his adenoids too. When I googled the adenoids to find out a bit more, this is what I found… some fascinating bits of information here.

Here are a few crafty links that I have been looking at too. I want to make these things! They are just too cute!


What have you been looking at???

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