Julilah [Juh-li-lah]: noun

Hello and Welcome to Julilah,

Julilah is all about making you and your body feel comfortable throughout your menstrual cycle. We want you to nurture your body, and while you do remember the earth.

Founded in 2010 by maker and crafter, Sarah; she is a stay-at-home-Mum to two beautiful children (after whom Julilah is named), and a traveller. Sarah has always felt like she could save the world, and so her life reflects that interest; in caring for the world around her, teaching her family to do the same, and reusing as much as possible. Being an old-fashioned homemaker at heart and having always loved arts and craft, she is Julilah's main creator.

Julilah began with a few simple parenting and nursery products (breastpads, what is now the LadyLilah cloth menstrual pad, nappy hampers, and nursery decorations) that were all made with environmentally friendly and recycled materials. The handmade business began to be known for encouraging and nurturing an environmentally friendly lifestyle through reducing people's impact on the world, as well as creating a beautiful home.

Now, Julilah sells not only Sarah's uniquely designed LadyLilah cloth pads but also other products that help you through a healthy and vibrant menstrual cycle.

Please take time to enjoy our website whilst feeling reassured that all of our products are made with the environment in mind. We truly hope that Julilah can help you create a simple and natural space, where you and the environment feel nurtured.