LadyLilah pads aren’t only pretty to look at (hey, you used to buy the Libra or Carefree pads with the cool packaging, yes? Well I did!), but they are super comfy. The fleece is so nice and soft against my lady garden, and unlike minky fabric, doesn’t give you that gross sweaty feeling. The thickness of them is just right, not so thin that you think they wouldn’t hold anything, and not so thick that you think everyone can see (which they can’t, I promise!) The cushiness and bounce also feels nice to sit on. I’ve used both the day and night sizes and never had a leak or problem. I really like the shape of them compared to other brands, and don’t have any dreaded slippage from slippery fabric. They wash really well and don’t feel crunchy after washing and drying. I’ve also used the LadyLilah liners, which are perfect for in-between days. So go on, do your cooch a favour and give LadyLilah cloth pads a go.

Terri – Adelaide, SA.